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William James Foundation

Claudia Hammerman

Social Capital Fund

Sally Gottesman

Steve & Sheri Lear

James Sebenius & Nancy Buck

Kerry Propper

Annette Newman Fund

Amy Eilberg & Louis Newman

Robert & Roberta Aronson

David & Mary Ann Wark

Morton & Merle Kane

Jane Newman & Amy Lange

Lauren Baker

Carol & Terry Winograd

Bruce Haims

Paul Beck

Judith & Mike Berman

Marcie Anthone

Alain Bensman

Harvey and Barbara Ratner Family Fund

Georgescu Family Foundation

Todd A Jacobson

Frank Wisner

Julissa Reynoso

Jane Sherburne

Winston  & Strawn LLP

Ariel Flint

Swedish Agency for Peace and Security Foreign Ministry of the Netherlands

Ireland Department of Foreign Affairs

Foreign Ministry of Spain

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